Basic 2022

The whole range of colours for a better overview

Our BASIC catalogue is the platform for all basic products relating to the set table. More than 400 products are presented clearly in a wide colour spectrum. This allows you to differentiate easier between colour nuances and to match harmonic compositions even with designer napkins from both main catalogues Spring/Everyday and Autumn/Winter in an uncomplicated way. The BASIC catalogue combines single-colour napkins, discrete patterns and a perceptibly luxurious textures in four different formats. Discover the classic series Pure, New Vichy or embossed Moments and numerous further articles such as table covers, slip covers, table runners or decor glass. Enjoy browsing!

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Autumn and winter 2021

Write new chapters

Life is a book. Designs that tell stories set the stage for new chapters. Our latest collection is inspired by this idea. A family of themes, it exists to spark new narratives with their roots in the rhythms of autumn and winter. Ready to add new adventures to the story of you?

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Spring and Everyday 2021

We bring stories to the table

Design is stories. Design is values. Design weaves new life into culture and shapes the texture of tomorrow. These ideas are woven into our thoughtful new collection. This year’s themes open doors to many narratives, which explore empowerment, mindfulness and playfulness. We hope they bring colour, compassion and creativity to your day.

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