Autumn and winter 2023

Life is designed around us

Design is so much more than something beautiful and pretty to look at; it sets the tone of our whole lives. While shaping our lives, we surround ourselves with colours, patterns and themes, family, friends and loved ones that define us and make us comfortable and happy. We hope our themes will add light to the memories and sparks to the moments created this season.

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Spring & Everyday 2023

After a time of uncertainty and restrictions, we reemerge with fresh perspectives, having rediscovered the power of nature – to heal, energise and inspire. Drawing from this, our Spring Summer 2023 collection invites you to explore a world that’s both colourful and simple, reassuring and thoroughly exciting!”

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Basic 2023

The whole range of colours for a better overview

Our BASIC catalogue is the platform for all basic products relating to the set table. More than 400 products are presented clearly in a wide colour spectrum. This allows you to differentiate easier between colour nuances and to match harmonic compositions even with designer napkins from both main catalogues Spring/Everyday and Autumn/Winter in an uncomplicated way. The BASIC catalogue combines single-colour napkins, discrete patterns and a perceptibly luxurious textures in four different formats. Discover the classic series Pure, New Vichy or embossed Moments and numerous further articles such as table covers, slip covers, table runners or decor glass. Enjoy browsing!

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Easter & Spring 2023

Look on the bright side

Spring does everything with a playful smile and a sparkle in the eye. Just like the designs in this theme trends; Easter Essential, Floral Therapy and Easter Classics. Colourful eggs, lively colours and joyful seasonal motifs set the stage for laughter-filled celebrations with loved ones and frantic, happy hunts for chocolate goodies winking from the bushes.

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Sales Tools 2023

Our presentation systems

• This overview of our empty displays shows different possibilities to present our products.

• The stocked displays only show possibilities for a combination of the various items and cannot be purchased as shown.

• Customised assortments are possible after consultation and based on agreed purchase quantities.

• You can find the assembly instructions for the empty displays in PDF format by scanning the QR codes.

• Crowners are available on customers request.

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